Social Impact

Sharks Have Heart delivers award winning programs which continue to have a positive social impact within the community. By addressing key social issues and measuring success over time we know that we are having a sustainable and positive impact on our local community.

Make A Difference

Help inspire, grow, educate and advance equality by supporting our community programs.


Make Bullying History Initiative

MBHI is an award-winning program.      

First Place - 2018 ClubsNSW, Club & Community Awards, Health and Wellbeing category.

Eliminating bullying in schools.

Audience: Primary and high school students, parents and teachers. 

Delivery: Brett Murray, delivers the Make Bullying History program. Brett covers issues such as what is and is not bullying, why do people bully, self-esteem, self-worth, contributing factors that affect self-worth, how to disarm bullying, goal setting and more.

Outcome: To increase awareness with bullying in schools by empowering students, parents and teachers through making them aware of what bullying is and how to identify and handle this. To date has been delivered to over 15,000 students around the Sutherland Shire from 52 schools.

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Educational Programs

Focus: To empower and educate students in a variety of programs, which cover a number of topics, including the NRL led wellbeing blitz. 

Audience: Primary and high school students.

Delivery: Face to face delivery by NRL/Sharks Game Development Officers, that will engage and inspire students and teach them important wellbeing lessons.

Outcome: Overall it is important to empower and educate students while promoting inclusivity and positive behaviours. Already in 2018 alone, we have engaged with 41 primary and high schools and over 11,000 students across the Sutherland Shire. 

Game ON

Focus: To build resilience through improving social and emotional well-being in children. 

Audience: Primary school children

Delivery: Game ON is a book written by Sarah Tillott, a resilience expert. This book has been designed and mapped to the National Health and Education Curriculum. The book contains resilience learning opportunities which allow both teachers and readers to deliver this content in a confident manner.

Outcome: Sarah aims to facilitate a culture of resilience within the Sutherland Shire community. The program will empower, engage and educate students in important social themes of conflict resolution, anxiety and anger management resiliency.

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