‘Meet & Greet’ Winner – there’s something about Mary!

Dear Jess,

I was so very excited and overwhelmed by the phone call that I received from you last week. It still hasn’t sunk in that I’ve won. It’s not like amazing news like this comes to me every day.

I have been a Sharks member for a long time now and in fact, have been a supporter since I was young… and I’m still a strong ongoing supporter. I am also a proud aboriginal Kamilaroi woman from Moree. Dad and mum moved around to find work to support their family and we ended up in Armidale.

As I got older I went out on my own to work. I got married, brought my own home, had five children and now have 33 grandchildren, three great grandchildren with another on the way! I am so proud of what I have achieved in my life and of my wonderful family.

I have lived in Armidale for the past 40 years. I have strong bonds within our community with mutual respect and communication with people in this area and surrounds. I work at the local hospital with aboriginal mothers and babies in maternity and continue that work the wider community.

Winning an experience to ‘meet the players’ has really made my life complete. On my last birthday, my family asked what I would like for my next birthday. I said I would like to meet a Sharks player. I really asked to meet ‘one’… not the lot. Winning a prize like this is the chance of a lifetime for me.

Looking forward to meeting everyone,

Thank you

Sharks Supporter

Mary Munro

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