‘Game On’ – preventing bullying and creating resilient children

The ‘Game On’ book sits perfectly with our work in the area of anti-bullying. The aim of distributing it to primary and pre-schools in the Shire is to reduce the risk of mental health and behavioural problems among young people… problems that can lead to terrible outcomes in the future.

Author Sarah Tillott explains further…

Game On” is all about early intervention and the prevention of bullying down the track”

“ It’s so important to teach 3-7 year olds how to be resilient while they’re malleable, before other factors enter their lives and compromise this ability.

“In adult terms, we’re aiming to provide young children with the foundations of resilience, which are:

  • Self-Efficacy (how to overcome challenges)
  • Self-Belief (helping them believe they can achieve things themselves)
  • Self-Esteem (building a sense of worth)
  • Self-Confidence …/ and eventually
  • Self-Love

“These are the roots of problem solving and conflict resolution. Game On engages young readers by telling a story that shows why we all need to regulate our emotions, deal with anxiety and resolve conflicts that arise. We want them to reflect on these (in their own terms of course), make them aware of the need for resilience and get them to take responsibility for their own actions.”

Initially the Sharks aim to distribute this book and an accompanying video resource for teachers that we’re producing, to 50 primary and pre-schools in the Shire and a further 30 in the near future. Sarah has two more books in the pipeline that follow a logical progression in teaching resilience to young children.

This Christmas, we’d value your additional support by way of an ‘In Dedication’ gift to a friend or family member. For example:

  • The cost of the initial production and planned distribution of ‘Game On’ to 50 schools within the Shire is $21,000.
  • Additional funding of $24,000 will enable us to get Sarah to present ‘Game On’ face to face at each of these schools and help us roll out the program right across the Sutherland Shire.
  • And any amount you can afford will help the Sharks ensure Sarah’s follow up books become part of this important program into the future

So for just $20 a month, give the gift of ‘The Living Wall’ to a loved one who shares your passion for the Sharks and help Sharks Have Heart expand this program that’s so vitally important to the future of our children and our community.

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