Elite performance

Providing a best practice High Performance environment that allows all involved with our Club to flourish and maximise their own, and our Club’s, future success on and off the field.

Though the new Centre of Excellence will have a physical presence in the shape of a modern ‘state of the art’ building, it will be much more than bricks, mortar and glass. This will be a place that will shape lives for the better and help people from all walks of life to grow, develop and fulfil their potential.

This will be achieved through the provision of: state-of-the-art facilities and equipment; leading edge sports science programs; and the best possible training and professional development for our staff at every level of our Club.

A high performance environment driven around belief, hunger, discipline, excellence, integrity, and the absolute determination to be our best at all times will be a driving principle around our future success on and off the field.

Our commitment is resolute:

we will ensure better athlete welfare and preparation, coach and player development, infrastructure and facilities

and an elite pathway program for both current and aspiring NRL players who may one day represent our Club.