Within Sharks Have Heart we deliver Indigenous educational programs that create opportunity and address some of the challenges faced by young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on their journey from education to employment and adult life.

Sharks Have Heart education-based programs focus on engaging, educating and inspiring young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their families to positively influence and change behaviors, perceptions and habits. You can view our Indigenous programs snapshot HERE

These programs align with our current Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

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Deadly Choices


 Focus: An initiative that aims to improve the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people around living healthy lifestyles. 

Audience: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Delivery: Deadly Choices incorporates a number of behaviour change programs to improve the health and well-being of the community. Activities include tobacco cessation and healthy lifestyle education programs, community events, sport and recreation inclusion, nutrition programs, leadership camps and social media engagement.

Outcome: To empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to make healthy choices for themselves and their families – to stop smoking, to eat good food and exercise daily. 

School to Work


Focus: Successfully completing school.

Audience: Male and female Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students. 

Delivery: One-on-one profiling session with a project officer to build Career Development Plans focused on career aspirations and personal goals. Students participate in educational, cultural and leadership workshops, while also given the opportunity to undertake work experience.

Outcome: To mentor and support students in high school, helping to provide job readiness and a smooth transition after school. 

Results: 98% success rate.
80 year 10, 11 & 12 students in 2018. 

Sharks Tomorrow Stars


Focus: A strategic program aimed at delivering age appropriate career information based on students’ academic levels and career interests.

Audience: Female Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from years 7-12 throughout the Sutherland Shire.

Delivery: Students work with counsellors and participate in a range of individualised careers based activities, which enable them to navigate and plan the most appropriate, realistic post school pathways.

Outcome: Empowering over 150 students with relevant career knowledge, enabling them to make realistic and meaningful choices for their futures.

Results: 93% of students feel more confident in their ability to set goals for their future.
100% of students feel more motivated to learn.
93% of students have increased motivation to work hard at school.

Kick Start


Focus: Improve attendance rates in high school and a reduction in crime rates of those offending. 

Audience: Young males between 13 and 16 years of age who participate in at risk behaviours and criminal offences.

Delivery: Running over 40 weeks, participants are taken for a weekly fitness session, and are also provided with a healthy breakfast, then dropped off at school. Each participant is provided with a mentor. 

Outcome: Promoting the benefits of sport and recreation to over 50 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and creating a positive lifestyle and behavioural change by motivating and setting goals for the future.

Results: 86% report that they could ask for help from people who ran the program.
71% feel they have more knowledge on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Footy Fever


Focus: To encourage young people to set positive goals for themselves, plan for the future and develop their engagement skills.

Audience: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males that are either being case managed by PCYC Police or who are identified by the nominated schools as youth at risk.

Delivery:  In partnership with the local area police command, Footy Fever is a 10-week program where each week a different presenter will cover topics such as anger management, drugs and alcohol, healthy eating, and crime avoidance.

Outcomes: This program aims to have a positive impact in students lives by helping them set positive goals, plan for the future and develop their engagement skills.

Results: 100% of students feel more confident in their ability to achieve goals they set.

100% of students feel more supported by their teachers.

71% of students are attending school more often.

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Program



Focus:  To educate Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students about Aboriginal culture.

Audience: High school students, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal.

Delivery: Presented by Elder Aunty Deanna Schreiber, the program teaches students about Aboriginal culture with a focus on traditional tools and items used for hunting, recreation, food gathering and music, while also showcasing traditional Aboriginal dance and painting. 

Outcome: Bringing Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students together by breaking down cultural barriers. 


Welcome To Country