About Us

Our Mission

Founded in 2015, Sharks Have Heart strongly believes in its corporate citizenship and social responsibility. We strive to make a significant contribution and a real difference to our community.  We aim to inspire, grow, educate and engage our community while being recognised as a world class community, game development and social impact organisation. 

Our Pillars

Our commitment is unflinching: we will make a meaningful contribution to the well-being of our community, now and into the future, using football as the vehicle for a healthy, vibrant and stronger community. Sharks Have Heart has a vision to inspire, grow, educate and engage our community, focusing on four main pillars being of Inclusivity, Diversity, Social Impact and Have Heart.


Working with and in the community is the core focus of the Sharks Have Heart community initiative. We are focused on achieving a lasting positive relationship with our community and charity partners. We do so via our wonderful programs which align with the four main pillars of Diversity, Social Impact, Inclusivity and Have Heart.

Platinum Partner