The new ‘Sharks Centre of Excellence‘

 Our Club is an organisation on the move.  To help ensure our future, we’re going to build a true ‘Centre of Excellence’ that goes beyond football… one that will help us maintain a high level of elite performance on the field, but will also be home to all our off-field community programs.

Though the new Centre of Excellence will have a physical presence in the shape of a modern ‘state of the art’ building, it will be much more than bricks, mortar and glass. This will be a place that will shape lives for the better and help people from all walks of life to grow, develop and fulfil their potential.

If you pledge to give just $20 per month as a tax deductible donation to help us build our new Centre of Excellence, you will become a Foundation Supporter and your name will be immortalised on a digital ‘Living Wall’ in the foyer of the new building, as well as in the foyer of our Leagues Club. You’ll be able to walk in to either venue, type in your name and see it light up among the names of all Foundation Supporters.

And no matter what amount you give, you’ll receive an invitation to the launch function we’ll be holding to open our fundraising program this year; an invitation to the opening of the new Centre when it’s completed; and the chance to WIN a meet and greet with our NRL Team at a special event to be announced soon.

The new Centre of Excellence will impact on all members of the Sharks Family – male and female players, boys and girls, athletes with a disability, our indigenous community, the financially disadvantaged and more. See what some of these family members have to say about our exciting initiative